Tucker Bradley

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life with Tucker!

Life with Tucker is....

Pure Bliss

The most incredible gift that God could have ever given to Brad and I!

This little smile melts our hearts on a daily basis!

Our little man is 4 1/2 months old now and I don't even want to remember what life was like without him!!!

*** Disclaimer- Sorry that I have been a bad blogger... I started a new job 4 Months after Tucker arrived... needless to say, I have more important (yes, I said it) things to take care of... such as, but not limited to showering daily

Saturday, July 23, 2011

1 month down... a Lifetime to Go!!!!!

I can hardly believe that my little boy is 1 month old! It feels so surreal, one moment I am calling and texting everyone letting them know he is on his way and now I am blogging about his first month!  I will say that I don't really remember the first two weeks... I know they happened, obviously, but sleep deprivation apparently erased my memory! So now I am happy to say that We survived our first month as a family of 3 and I am excited about the Lifetime we have in front of us!

Dear Tucker,

A month ago you changed my life forever!  The first moment I held you in my arms, was true bliss... My heart was bursting with an indescribable love for you!  And the smile on your Daddy's face... Oh my GOODness, I will never forget that moment!  You were a perfect 10! Literally, you scored a 10 on the newborn test!

You are a VERY good baby! You hardly ever fuss, you are a Great sleeper and you always let me know when you are hungry!  You like your pacifier/ Wubba Nub and you like to be swaddled at night! The first week you were home, your Dad and I held you constantly... it was like we forgot that we could put you down or use your swing or bouncer... Sure enough, you really like your bouncy seat and take most of your naps in there!  You smile all the time in your sleep... I can't wait to see it when you are awake!  You also give us an audible laugh here and there... again in your sleep!  You have what your daddy and I like to call a "stink eye" which happens when you start to fall asleep, you close your left eye all the way and keep your right eye open just incase something sparks your interest!  You don't love to burp, but you have a really funny "Milk Drunk" face when we are trying to burp you.  Because you don't burp all that well, You are a "Rooter Tooter" and have the grunting part of it all down pat! You are definitely a people person... You will let anyone hold you without fussing, unless it is time to eat!  I am so in love with you little boy and I am extremely blessed to be your Momma!  Happy 1 Month Birthday!!!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank You Andi Stubblefield!

Here is the sneak peak to Tucker B.'s newborn pics!!!! Thanks Andi for your hard work... I absolutely love these pics!!!!  Go to facebook and like AndiStubblefield.... Enjoy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Here I am! Tucker Bradley Webb!!!! I came on June 16th, 2011 at 11:24 PM... I weighed 6lbs. 15.5 oz. (or 7lbs. as my daddy would say) and I was 19 inches long!

Hello World!

Gettting all my stats taken
First family photo!
Meeting my daddy!
Just a day old!

Getting ready to head home!!! (note to readers: Mommy's swollen face has gone away!)

Almost a week old!

Getting bigger.... Stay tuned for more pics! Read below for My Birth Story!

At 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant Brad and I headed to what would be our last Sono and pregnancy check with Dr. Webster!  We knew going in to this appt. that there was a chance of being induced due to my low fluid indicator the week before.  I was trying so hard not to get my hopes up, but I definitely wanted to meet my little man!!!!  We did go ahead and pack the car and have everything ready just in case though! And lets just say that neither of us slept Wednesday night...

Well as it turns out, my fluid was still low and I hadn't prgoressed enough for the Dr. to think that I would go into labor soon enough on my own before my levels dropped any further... So we headed to the hospital, called all our family and friends, and got ready for the biggest day of our lives!!!!

At 10:30 AM I was started on Pitocin... I did fairly well handling the contractions (years of stomach issues prepared me well!) but when the Dr. had to "check under the hood" the pain was too much to bear and I gladly accepted the offer to get my epidural before they broke my water...

EPIDURAL 2:30 PM- 'nough said

My water was broke within 15 min. of my epidural and I quickly progressed from 2cm to 5cm within a few hours... little guy was on his way!

As it turned out, I was super sensitive to the pitocin and I was having contractions on top of each other... so many that they were stressing Tucker out... so they took me off of it for a little bit... made me suck down some oxygen and then about an hour later started it up again. Obviously my progression slowed as well... so as the hours passed I tried to nap here and there... but I was just too excited!

By 10:30ish PM the nurse said we were going to try and push through a couple of contractions... after just a few pushes she called the Dr. up to the hospital to "catch"... Apparently, my years of stomach issues again prepared me for delivery and made me some kind of pushing "All Star"

It took sometime for my Dr. to get back up to the hospital so we were just waiting... and then she came in, watched me push through one contraction and then said "Ok, we are going to get him on this next one!"  WHAT! Thats it? One more push and my baby is here???? CRAZY!!!!

And then....

You can't see it in this picture, but I came out with a wicked Side Coney (similar to a side poney, but cone head style)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well after being placed on bed rest last week, the sweet girls of my life group made me feel super special by showing up at my door with dinner and a SURPRISE baby shower! I was totally shocked... Brad was in on it and kept it completely secret... I have never had a surprise party for me before and it was so much fun! Dinner was from one of my fave's Roadhouse- I just can't get enough of those rolls, and all the other details were just perfect! I am so blessed to know each one of these girls and look forward to living life with this group at our new church Allen Bible! Thank you ladies... I am definitely ready for Tucker now!!!!

Only picture we got... I really need to get better about getting my camera out and ready!

La Hacienda Tucker

Here it is! Tucker's finished baby room, the pictures don't really do it justice but I will post them anyways! All we need now are lots of pictures for the walls and baby Tucker!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Scoop...

Well it is officially my NINTH month of Pregnancy... Hey Hey!!!  I am pretty darn excited that Tucker will be here within the next month... OH MY! 

I had another appointment Tuesday and my body had not progressed from the previous week when I was put on bed rest... so apparently it worked... the Dr. did say that Tucker is REALLY low, hints the back pain and the "broken" pelvis pain I have been feeling (its not really broken just feels like it sometimes!)  I have still been having contractions and they are becoming more painful, but not laborous as of yet.  I am still on "Bed Rest" although it is really hard to not want to go run little errands and get things done around the house... I definitely used the motorized cart at Target the other day :) At nine months pregnant and in lots of pain I could have walked faster than that thing... and the reverse mode was just ridiculous... it would beep SUPER loud for a good minute before it would even start moving backwards! 

My next appointment is Wednesday and I get to have a sonogram!!! YAY! I love sonos... I am also hoping that at this appointment I will have progressed a little... It was good for me to make it last week and this week with no progression, but now I am in the Full Term zone and I am ready to meet my BABY!

The Nursery is so near completion, I am just waiting to get/find little items and details at this point... I will post pics soon!